Help translate CRV web pages into foreign languages (e.g. Spanish)

We would like to translate a large subset of CRV pages into

Language Sprache Status/who did it How much
Arabic أربيك machine front page only
Bengali ? nonexistent none
Chinese-simplified 被简化的汉语 machine front page only
Chinese-traditional 中國傳統 machine front page only
Dutch Nederlands machine front page only
English English (original language) all
Farsi(Persian) ﻰﻨﺍﺭﻴﺍ ‘ﻰﺴﺭﺎﻔ nonexistent none
Filipino/Tagalog Filipino machine front page only
French Français Eugenie Ong front page only
German Deutsch machine front page only
Hindi/Urdu हिंदी ? nonexistent none
Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia? nonexistent none
Italian Italiano machine front page only
Japanese 日本語 machine front page only
Korean 한국어 machine front page only
Portuguese Português Rodrigo Henriques front page+1 more
Russian Русский machine front page only
Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian hrvatski? nonexistent none
Spanish Español machine front page only
Swedish Svensk machine front page only
Vietnamese tiếng Việt nonexistent none

Easy to improve! Just click "view source" when viewing any of the machine-translated pages, mouse click "cut & paste" into a plain text editor, type in your fix to some obvious error, and email the fixed file to me at warren.wds AT with appropriate "subject" line. Easy! So do it!

Translation-friendly version of the front page, without idioms, ambiguous expressions, and difficult HTML – It is worse English, but probably easier to translate.

About editors for different language-fonts.

The initial versions (reachable by the above hyperlinks) are, however, of poor quality and only include the CRV front page and not other pages, and were produced by machine translation. Some other machine language-translation engines which you can also try, are babelfish, world-lingo, and google translation tools. These latter three engines have the advantage (?) that if you start from one page they produce, and click a hyperlink, then they will produce a translation of the new page (at the other end of the link) and send you there. That's great because you'll always be up to date and viewing the latest versions of the original untranslated page – in translated form.

The bad news is that computers are not presently capable of doing good quality language translation. ("HERBERT HOOVER" → "HERBERT ASPIRATEUR"? "spoiler" → "interceptor aerodinámico"?? "Instant runoff" → "salida inmediata"???) It would be better to produce genuine translations done by a human. That is where you come in.

How to produce a machine-aided translation of a CRV webpage

  1. Click "view source" in your browser to view some CRV page's underlying source code (English version).
  2. Go to this machine translator which however looks like it moved here, enter the URL of the original CRV page, select languages, click translate, and result is a machine-translated version. Click "view source" in your browser to view that page's underlying source code (Machine-translated Foreign version). The other machine translators also work, but it can be more difficult to steal their output. In the FIREFOX browser you can click "show this frame only" and then "view source". Then grab the source code.
  3. Copy and paste it into a plain-text editor that is capable of handling extended character sets (e.g. UTF-8) of the kind needed in whatever language you are interested in.
  4. Edit to replace all the badly done translated stuff by a well done translation (referring to the original English as necessary).
  5. Then email me (warren.wds AT the resulting plaintext file with the subject RUSSIAN/Whatever.html where "RUSSIAN" is whatever language you chose and Whatever.html was the name of the original English file.
  6. I will incorporate it into CRV.

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