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Welcome to ElectionMethods.org, a public service of EMERG, the Election Methods Education and Research Group. Election methods, or voting systems, are the mathematical rules by which we choose our leaders. Our purpose is to educate and inform the public about the gross inadequacy of our current election method and the major benefits of a better alternative. Our current plurality system has entrenched us into a two-party duopoly without effective competition from other parties. A simple expansion of voting rights can give voters badly needed additional choices. Click on the first link below and begin to understand how democracy can and should work.

Condorcet: A Better Election Method

Is Condorcet Voting Too Complicated?

Why Approval Voting Should be Approved Now

The Problem with Instant Runoff Voting

Technical Evaluation of Election Methods

Ensuring the Integrity of Electronic Voting

How to Prevent Abuses in Primary Elections

GVI: The Graphical Voter Interface

Condorcet Voting Algorithm in Python

Tutorial on voting methods

What you can do


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