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Newspaper and Magazine Pieces about Range Voting & Related Topics

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  1. America, there is a better way to vote by Seth Stevenson in Slate, 31 Oct. 2016.
  2. Canada: consider approval and score voting, by Ted Hsu & Warren D. Smith in, 8 Jan. 2016.
  3. Our Presidential Race Picture Is Hugely Distorted by Our Bad Voting System by Warren D. Smith in Huffington Post, 25 Oct. 2015.
  4. Can math solve the congressional districting problem? by Kevin Knudson in Newsweek, 8/3/2015.
  5. Judy Frankel's 6-part series in Huffington Post, 2015.
  6. Range voting would prevent third-party spoilers--and give voters more say, Technology Review magazine September/October 2008, page M16. (Local copy.) T.R. also published additional online material about Range Voting vis-a-vis the 2008 US presidential race. (Local copy.) Our local copies do not have some of the nice features of the Tech Review's own copies, like reader-commentability, but have slightly better wording and simpler formatting. We have a page responding to reader questions. All this is by Alan T. Sherman, Warren D. Smith, and Richard Carback.
  7. Your presidential candidate: Hot or not?, Tuesday 12 Feb 2008, By Farhad Manjoo.
  8. A Paper Trail for Voting Machines New York Times, Monday 7 January 2008, By William Poundstone. [This is about Rivest/Smith antifraud voting protocols. I also made a web page trying to answer questions from NYT readers of this op-ed.]
  9. The Verdict Is In: Our Voting System Is a Loser, Mother Jones, 2 January 2008. Michael Mechanic interviews book author William Poundstone. Excellent interview.
  10. The 'Hot or Not' Solution,, 17 December 2007. By Steven Levy.
  11. 2008 election fiasco is preventable , Denver Hub July 2007. By Jan Kok.
  12. Defective voting method defeated Paccione, The Coloradoan, 25 November 2006. By Jan Kok.
  13. A somewhat disputacious Correspondence with The Nation, 25 Dec 2006. By W.D.Smith and with some parts by Katrina van den Heuvel.
  14. Range voting: best way to select a leader?, What Matters, 23 Aug. 2006 (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA). By W.D.Smith.
  15. Democracy's most important problems and fixing them with Range Voting, Columbus Free Press. By W.D.Smith.
  16. Voting systems – advantages and disadvantages, Takoma Voice, 29 Oct. 2005 (Takoma Park and Silver Spring MD, and Takoma DC). By W.D.Smith.

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