Current Missions

(Were you really looking for Action News?)

Right now the organization is nascent. Goals:

  1. Increase membership. Want to get 1000 members so we can be a credible political force hooked up by a communication network (the blogosphere).

    So please recruit more members. Especially we are interested in: Iowans, Journalists, Party officials (both main and third parties), Politicians, Military, Pollsters, Activists, People who know people, Rich people, people widely distributed geographically, Political scientists, Computer scientists, people who are top quality political bloggers, people who know about voting machines and elections, people who know about party leadership and rules, people who know about lobbyists, lawyers, CEOs – and both genders! (Click "invite newbies" to get a sample "you're invited to be a member" email; you may find it useful for recruiting.)

    Spamming plausible people you don't know seeking new members seems to have a low success rate (few percent?). Hopefully people you've known personally would yield a higher recruitment rate. If everyone recruits 5 new members then 6, 31, 156, 781, 3906 members after 1,2,3,4,5 generations, each generation requiring 1 month, would do it. We need to reach the 1000-member goal fairly quickly otherwise we will not have enough lead time for the Iowa 08 project.

    Feel free to offer advice & recruit directly.

  2. Get endorsements of range voting from the major US third parties – Libertarians, Greens, Reformists, Socialists, Unity08, and Constitutionalists, and Ralph Nader (assuming he counts as a party). Convince them to put this as a plank in their party platforms, convince them all to unify behind range voting. Endorsements from other impressive people like top scientists and scholars, generals, church leaders, etc, also are wanted. All advice and help appreciated.

  3. Build web site and blog infrastructure. Feel free to offer me help on this. You can edit plain text files to convert them to (much nicer looking) HTML. You can contribute new content. You can write stuff better than it is currently written. (Write us a bunch of better generic recruitment letters, targeted to various different kinds of people!) You can offer to help with web hosting or name-server issues. You can volunteer to program nifty GUI demos.

  4. Can we productively merge with other groups, e.g. League of Women Voters,, etc? Feel free to offer advice.

  5. Get publicity in the media.

  6. We need to build a convincing case and more detailed plan for converting Iowa 2008 Democrat & Republican caucuses to range voting. For that purpose we need research: Exactly what rules need to change? Who needs to change them? Whose support do we need?

Please contact (and/or join) our blog to make suggestions.

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