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We seek endorsements from everyone in all walks of life. We also are especially interested in top scientists, editorialists, church leaders, party leaders, politicians, social scientists, professional pollsters, incredibly sexy celebrities, businesspeople, army generals, et cetera.

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Special note. If you are not a person but rather an organization like "The Libertarian party," or if your endorsement consists of an essay (or to ask questions), then please notify us of your endorsement by email to RangeVoting at yahoogroups.com instead of using this form. (Essay-style endorsements like Ossipoff's above enable you to word it exactly the way you want and to say something more individualistic; and it is fine to provide us with both kinds of endorsement.)

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1. "I support range voting for governmental single-winner elections whenever there are three or more candidates or choices."
2. "I support range voting for legislative votes whenever there are three or more candidates or choices. Unrecorded 'voice votes' should be outlawed and each line of each law should be credited to its author (i.e. anonymous-author law-chunks are hereby forbidden)."
3. "I support the CRV's whole combined democracy-improvement Ballot Initiative."
4. "I support the CRV's anti-gerrymandering proposal there."
5. "I support the CRV's ban on spoiled ballots there."
6. "I support the CRV's easy-ballot-access proposal there."

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