Top 100 endorsers for Range Voting

(Endorsers who chose to write an essay-style endorsement are not necessarily listed here.)

Count so far: 205.

Silveira, Desmond <> (125) Chino Hills CA USA;
- National Committee member of the American Solidarity Party and former vice chair |- American Solidarity Party candidate in the 2018 California gubernatorial election |- Campaign manager for the American Solidarity Party's Maturen-Muoz presidential ticket in the 2016 United States presidential election |- Runner up in the selection process for the 2010 California Citizens Redistricting Commission

Brown, Walter F. (12345) Oswego OR USA;
Walter F. Brown ran for president under the Socialist, Protecting Working Families, Natural Law, and United Citizens party banners in 2004, getting about 11,000 votes. (Only on the ballot in 8 states.) With Range Voting it is safe to say he would have got at least 50 times more votes (as a ratio to Bush's votes, say) and quite plausibly 500 times more. Brown is a lawyer, served as state Senator in Oregon (as a Democrat; three terms 1974-1986) and was a Socialist Party candidate for U.S. Congress in 1998, 2000, 2002, and 2004. Probably his greatest victory in the Senate came in 1975: the world's first ban on ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs); a ban which served as a model for several other governments (there is now a worldwide ban by treaty, basically). Brown has agreed to endorse us, although the precise final wording may not appear for some time. (Correspondence with him is slow since he is not an e-mail-type person.) He also regards it as likely that we can get the party-wide endorsement from the SP-USA within a couple of months and is helping with getting that done. This may not be the final form of Brown's endorsement.

Badnarik, Michael (1245) TX USA;
The Libertarian Party Presidential nominee in 2004. Libertarian Congressional candidate 2006 (TX-10). Author of book GOOD TO BE KING (about the Constitution). Libertarian State Rep candidate 2002 (TX-48). Libertarian State Rep candidate 2000 (TX-47) (earned 16.9% of vote). Senior trainer for high-tech software company; trainer/programmer for Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant; programmer for Stealth Bomber simulator; senior programmer for Braidwood nuclear power plant simulator; senior programmer at Zion nuclear power plant; USPA skydiving instructor and Safety & Training Advisor; Advanced First Aid instructor; CPR instructor; Water Safety Instructor trainer; scuba instructor; Scoutmaster (10 years); Boy Scout (12 years).

Campagna, Richard V. (12345) Coralville IA USA;
USA Vice Presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party 2004 (got about 400,000 votes), |international businessman, |university instructor, |legal/psychological counselor. |Degrees from Brown University (B.A.), New York University (M.A.), |St. John's University (J.D.), |Columbia University (M.A.) |and the American College of Metaphysical Theology (Ph.D.). |Also a returning scholar at the University of Chicago.

Clarke, Edward H. <> (12345) Chevy Chase MD USA;
Retired. PhD University of Chicago, 1978. Was senior economist at U.S. Office of Management and Budget, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, and during 1983-1988 was Chief of Economic Policy Division, U.S. Agency for International Development. See Website and 2001 Reprint of my book Demand Revelation and Provision of Public Goods.'s bulletin board discusses potential contribution of Demand Revelation to "a perfect voting method" . Range voting may be a good starting point for moving in this direction.

Poundstone, William <> (123456) Los Angeles CA USA;
Author of ten books, including "Fortune's Formula," "How Would You Move Mount Fuji?", "Prisoner's Dilemma." Contributor to The New York Times Book Review, Harper's, the Believer, Harvard Business Review, the Village Voice, Encyclopedia Britannica, etc. Currently working on popular-science book about voting and mathematics.

Sloane, Neil J. A. <> (123456) Highland Park NJ USA;
Winner of 2005 IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal.
Member of USA National Academy of Engineering, elected Feb. 1998.
Winner of 1998 Claude E. Shannon Award of the IEEE Information Theory Society.
Co-winner of IEEE Information Theory Society Prize Paper Award in both 1995 and 1987.
Winner of 1979 Chauvenet Prize of the Mathematical Association of America.
Co-author of at least 8 books, the most famous of which is probably
The Theory of Error-Correcting Codes (with F. J. MacWilliams).

Smith, Thomas C. <> (12345) Clearwater FL USA;
chairman of Florida Patriot Party
interested in voting methods
radio talk show host and producer
public access television producer

Garvey, Christopher B. (123456) Amityville NY USA;
2006 Libertarian Candidate for Attorney General of New York
1998 Libertarian Candidate for Governor of New York
Libertarian Party State Committee
Former Libertarian County Chair
various years - Conservative Candidate for NY Supreme Court Judge
Patent Attorney |Poet |Sailing Instructor |Merchant Marine Officer - Master of Vessels

Unger, Stephen H. <unger@cs.columbia.ed> (2456) New York NY USA;
I agree that range voting (RV) is probably the best voting system overall. With respect to political elections, my present view is that the special case of approval voting (AV) would be preferable to multi-range RV because it is easier for voters to understand and easier to do the vote counting. It would probably be easier to get it accepted. Furthermore, I can't think of a situation--and I might be missing something here--where I would want to give a political candidate something other than an extreme score. I believe I am thinking here in terms of strategic voting, which is what I do in political elections. In many other cases, such as a committee voting on who should get a prize, or on who should be admitted to some program, I believe the multi-range RV would be better. There are also cases where a group is trying to make some decision and all are sincerely trying to make the choice that is most satisfying to the most people. In such a situation strategic voting is not appropriate and multi-range RV clearly is the best choice. (An example would be an extended family voting on where to go for its annual weekend gathering.)
I am a computer science (and EE) professor who has done research and development work, mostly in hardware, but a fair amount in software work as well. I am the author of Asynchronous Sequential Switching Circuits, The Essence of Logic Circuits.
With respect to organizational and technology-society issues my experience includes: membership IEEE Board of Directors, President IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (I was one of the principal founders), member AAAS Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility, extensive writing and talks on subjects such as governmental secrecy, energy policy, war, engineering employment, and, most recently, electronic voting. I also am the author of Controlling Technology: Ethics and the Responsible Engineer.

Lomax, Abd ul-Rahman <> (15) Northampton MA USA;
Founder, BeyondPolitics. Independent inventor of Delegable Proxy. Writer on Islam. Debunker of pious frauds. Internet activist. Business manager. Printed Circuit Designer. Chaplain, San Quentin State Prison. Founder, Arizona School of Midwifery. Seven children, five grandchildren.

Zychick, Jacob <> (123456) Ridgefield NJ USA;
Chairman, Reform Party of New Jersey. (2010-2012) | |National Secretary, Reform Party of United States of America. (2010-2014) Youngest serving Nat. Secretary for a political party with National Committee status (21 years old turning 22 in October). | |Columns about general campaign strategy, Keynesian v. Hayek economics, and improving aviation industry in New Jersey. | |Have been quoted in Trenton Times, WZBN-Trenton, Tri-City News, Daily Record, and Atlantic Highland Herald. | | | |

swift, kat <> (123456) San Antonio TX USA;
I'd tweak the ballot access proposal a bit. One month before election is a bit late for certain states with certain rules in place that would make you like a write-in candidate, pointless. All in all, uniform, free, and equal ballot access is a must. | |Also, I support Vote Rescue in eliminating voting machines and moving to hand-counted, paper ballots, that are counted in the polling station under video surveillance. | |I am working to get the Green Party of Texas to enshrine Range Voting in our Bylaws. | |en solidaridad...kat

Van Cleave, Kent B. <> (125) Vincennes IN USA;
Philosopher |Founder of

Kolar, Miroslav <> (12345) Calgary AB Canada;
Physicist: | | | | | | 108+ scientific papers and technical reports| Principal Scientist; LS Computing Ltd, Calgary since May 2002 Curriculum Vitae

Frank, Michael P. <> (12345) Tallahassee FL USA;
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT (1999), Bachelor's degree in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University (1991). Member of the world championship-winning team in the Association for Computing Machinery's 1991 International Collegiate Programming Contest. | |I have read several research papers on voting methods, and I agree that Range Voting is the best voting system, and that widespread adoption of it would lead to an improved quality of electoral decision-making in our democracy.

Krowne, Aaron P. <> (12345) Atlanta GA USA;
I run, which is why I put a 4 (many tens of thousands of people worldwide recognize me from this). Other than that, I have a faculty research lead position at Emory.

Welty, Christy Ann (12345) Iowa USA;
City councilor for town of 10,000 (until end of 2007); Former chair of Libertarian Party of Iowa; 3-time Libertarian candidate for statewide and state-level offices; former civil engineer; baccalaureates in applied mathematics and civil engineering. | |Range voting results in a much more accurate poll of opinion. That feature may, of course, prevent it from being adopted by the powers-that-be, who already have plenty of opinion polls and appropriately compatible rhetoric which they routinely disregard. | |On the other hand, people show a heartening resilience for voting in polls which take their opinions seriously. An unofficial range poll held parallel to an official traditional poll could affirm that the emperors wear no clothes.

Liu, Zili <> (12345) Los Angeles CA USA;
Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of California Los Angeles

Siegel, Mel <> (12345) Pittsburgh PA USA;
Recommend also supporting the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law

Daniel Sleator <> (12345) Pittsburgh PA USA;
Computer Science Professor at Carnegie-Mellon University. Inventor of splay trees and link parser. Creator and main owner of internet chess club which has over 30,000 members. Radio talk show co-host (audio archives).

Sherman, Alan T. <> (123456) Washington DC USA;
Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Director, UMBC Center for Information Security and Assurance. Member, National Center for the Study of Elections at UMBC. PhD, computer science, MIT, 1987. Director, UMBC Chess Program.

Morgan, Frank <> (123456) Williamstown MA USA;
Author of 6 books: Geometric Measure Theory: a Beginner's Guide 2000, Calculus Lite 2001, Riemannian Geometry: a Beginner's Guide 1998,  The Math Chat Book 2000, based on my live, call-in Math Chat TV show and Math Chat column, Real Analysis2005, and Real Analysis and Applications 2006. Mathematics professor at Williams, chair 1988-1994; vice president of Math'l Assoc. of America 2000-2002; national distinguished teaching award 1992.


Clymer, Roy E. <> (123456) Columbia MD USA;
Ph.D., Vietnam combat veteran, director of program for vets with PTSD, author, inventor.

Smith, James MacGregor <> (123456) amherst ma USA;

Rudd, Jack <> (123456) Bideford Devon UK;
FIDE Master |2000 and 2005 West Of England Chess Champion

Apurim, Alán Alán <> (123456) Houston TX USA;
Known among Houston's immigrant Igbos as "the doctor," I've been promoting RV for years, but I am late in endorsing it on-site. I promote it most strongly to fellow members of Harris County Green Party in Texas, although this URL's also in my regular e-mail's outgoing signature text for most correspondence. I am urging others to join me during the post-primary elections to call print, radio, and TV media to ask them why they are not publicizing that it is a waste of taxpayers' money to have runoff elections, that there's a better way ... that eliminating runoffs reduces incumbents' campaign-funding advantage over challengers who may spend their whole budget just to get to the runoff, and lastly IRV allows voters to vote for their real choice without the fear of making a "spoiler"! Use the viral method: "each one teach one," until everybody knows, and all will want this system, legislating it into existence.

Omohundro, Stephen (123456) Palo Alto CA USA;
BA's from Stanford in Physics and Mathematics, Ph.D. from Berkeley in Physics, author, scientist, professor in computer science at the University of Illinois, entrepreneur, currently run a think tank to build more wisdom into our social systems. I'm a huge fan of the work of! Our current electoral systems are in desperate need of reform. See Dorthy Fadiman's powerful documentary "Stealing America Vote by Vote" about the travesty of the 2004 election. Voting is at the core of a democratic government which truly reflects the will of the people. Not using the best performing methods and technologies for voting and districting makes a mockery of our ideals.

Khan, Chris (123456) Santa Monica CA USA;

Pearlmutter, Barak A. <barak"> (1) Maynooth Co. Kildare Ireland;
Shouldn't these "endorsements" be on a scale of 0-99, rather than just binary?

Bristow-Johnson, Robert <rbj@audioimagination,com> (456) Burlington VT USA;
|Condorcet is better than Range (Score) Voting or Approval Voting. Range requires too much information from the voter and Approval requires too little (is not expressive enough). Despite claims made by Range and Approval advocates, both methods present the voter with an immediate strategy questions when voting, especially if the voter particularly likes one candidate and merely approves of some others. They have to guess at what particular values to score these candidates in Range (may as well get the dart board out, or bring dice to the voting booth) and whether or not to "approve" of the non-favorite, but acceptable candidates in Approval. They will likely just rank their favorite 99 (or mark "approve") and everyone else 0 (or "not approved"), so as not to compete with their favorite. Then it devolves into First-Past-The-Post which is no reform at all. | |Of the Condorcet methods, Schulze is probably the fairest Condorcet method, but Ranked Pairs is simpler and in the very rare cases that there is a cycle, Schulze and Ranked Pairs elect the same candidate if the Smith set is 3 candidates (and I believe it would be far more unlikely that the Smith set would be larger than 3 even if the unlikely case of a cycle). So governments should adopt Tideman Ranked Pairs for all single-winner races, and maybe (not sure about it) proportional STV for multi-winner races. |

Rao, Satish B.. <> (123456) Berkeley CA USA;
Professor in Theoretical Computer Science at Berkeley

Smith, David, R. <> (123456) Stony Brook New York USA;
Professor Emeritus

Meeker, Brent <> (12356) Camarillo CA USA;
Science and Technology Fellow of the Naval Air System Command |Distinguished Fellow of the Naval Air Warfare Center |Co-author, "Test and Evaluation of the Tactical Missile" AIAA |U.S. Navy Award for Meritorious Civilian Service

Pearlmutter, Barak A. <> (123456) Dublin Ireland;
Professor of Computer Science, Maynooth University

Hijab, Omar (12345) USA;
Mathematics professor; currently chair of Temple Univ. math dept; author of Stabilization of Control Systems (Springer-Verlag 1987) and Introduction to Calculus and Classical Analysis (Springer-Verlag 1997).15:49_28_Aug_2006

Cooper, Matthew C <> (123456) USA;

Lawrence, John C <> (123456) San Diego CA USA;
MS UCSD Information and Computer Science 1970 |MS Stanford Electronics Engineering 1965 |B S Georgia Tech Electrical Engineering 1964 | |Author of "A Universal Source Coding Scheme for the Binary, Memoryless Source," IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 1976 | |Two patents on data compression. See website under "Claims to Fame."

Robinson, Marnia L., J. D. (123456) Ashland OR United States;
Author of "Peace Between the Sheets: Healing with Sexual Relationships." Election reform is incredibly important. The two-party system allows voters to be manipulated in ways that are bad for the country.

Stockford, Marjorie (123456) Cambridge MA USA;
MBA, MPA, Author of The Bellwomen: The Story of the Landmark AT&T Sex Discrimination Case.

Culshaw, John R. <> (123456) Little Falls MN USA;
Civic and business leader and people tend to take my recommendations

Buhler, Lawrence <> (123456) Salt Lake City UT USA;

Brown, David M. <dmbrown at icubed dot com> (123456) Pittsburgh PA USA;
MIT 1981 & 1984, engineer, business owner | |There is no process in our nation that is more mission critical than free and fair elections. | |

Graves, Matthew S <> (123456) Bowie MD USA;

Langer, David P. (123456) Buffalo Grove IL USA;
Dr. Warren Smith and the people at CRV have presented, using historical, empirical, and mathematical evidence, a strong and well-reasoned argument for their simple common-sense democratic reforms. The unchecked growth of government, its increasing unresponsiveness to the popular will, and the unbreakable grip on power by our two-party duopoly are all serious, entrenched problems that resist resolution largely due to the effective decline of the level of democracy in our nation. More democracy is better; that's an absolute. Proposals like range voting, unbiased automatic redistricting, mandatory recorded roll-call votes on all legislation, the identification of the authors of every component of proposed legislation, and easier ballot access can not only go a long way toward resolving these stubborn issues, but will also increase people's interest, participation, and trust in our cherished democracy. Changes like those proposed here, as well as others like term limits for all federal elective offices and federal judgeships and supermajority requirements for tax increases, are long overdue. | |David Langer |Mathematics Department |Triton College |River Grove, IL

John Tromp <> (123456) Stony Brook NY USA;
Computer Scientist |Ofbuscated C Code Contest Winner, author of maze.c |co-author of Tromp/Taylor Rules of Go | |Range Voting is convincingly superior to the alternatives.

Lane, Matt <> (123456) Los Angeles CA USA;
Current 3rd year PhD student at UCLA math's department.

Holt, Robert J. (123456) USA;
B.S. and Ph.D. in Mathematics from Stanford and MIT, respectively. |Member of Technical Staff, Bell Labs, 1991-2003 |Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Queensborough, City University of New York, 2003-present. | |Having carefully considered the arguments, range voting makes good, sound sense. Range voting and approval voting are definitely superior to the hodge-podge of voting systems out there today, and I hope to live to see their widespread use. | |

Cochran, Dermot <> (123456) Dublin Ireland;
Wrote a formal (mathematical) specification for the Irish PR-STV vote counting algorithm.

Pirwani, Imran <> (123456) Edmonton AB Canada;

Mihalakos, Perry <> (123456) Dallas TX USA;

Hall, Jonathan <> (12356) Tehachapi CA USA;
Respected ellected Director of the Tehachapi Cummings County Water District

Getchell, Adam <> (123456) Davis CA USA;

Burrus, Sammye S. <> (123456) Albuquerque NM USA;
associates degree in architecture, b.a. at C.S.U., edmond, ok. |tutor for architects to keep them interested in autocad classes. |elder of the cherokee tribe of okla. |several art awards with museums in native american litature and such under the name: ss. burrus |

Werner, Aaron (123456) Rockford MI USA;

Bustrin, The Rev Craig (123456) Phoenix AZ USA;
Vicar of the Episcopal Church of Saint Mary, Phoenix' only Anglo-Catholic parish.

Mohando, Luis <lfm234 (arroba) nyu (punto) edu> (123456) ;
Lawyer (UTDT), LLM(NYU), LLM(NUS), LLM(UTDT), former resident of Austin, TX as exchange student in the UT School of Law, now residing in overseas. |Is a shame that the USA wants to push so-called "democracy" overseas, while at the same time not having a voting system that could be seriously called "democratic". |No voting systems are perfect, and "democracy" does not require that the system to elect official is voting -officials in the original democracy in Athens were elected largely by lottery-, but plurality, combined with single-winner districts are among the worst possible systems to choose officials based on the people's preferences. |Although I wholeheartedly agree with the proposals as regards single-winner elections, I would also advocate for reducing the instances of single-winner elections, particularly for legislative office. Multi-representative districts (e.g. Arkansas electing its four representatives in one election) following a proportional representation system (D'Hont comes to my mind), would also be conducive to less gerrymandering and better representation of people views in Congress.

Laquidara, Giuseppe (PhD) <> (123456) ROME IT Italy;
Following Rangevoting since its first appearances, I found some similar peculiarities to my own experimental models for voting machines and political systems. In particular, a prototypical model I called Aurosphere, together with my colleagues, implies biological-genetic evolutionary mechanisms and strategies, and we used anti-gerrymandering and accurate-democracy systems.

Ray, Jonathan <> (123456) Los Angeles CA USA;
Formerly a Software Engineer at Google

Palmertree, William B. <> (123456) Hernando MS USA;

Piet De Pauw <> (123456) Oudenaarde Oost-Vlaanderen Belgium;

Helms, Sarah <> (123456) Verona Wisconsin United States;
Avid social media user, educator, political enthusiast and disgruntled american willing to take action.

Van Keuren, Graham F. <> (1) Somersville CT USA;
Long-time local pastor. Long-time election worker. Recently asked to moderate our town's 2020 presidential election.

LeGrand, Rob <> (125) University City Missouri U.S.A.;
Co-founder, Citizens for Approval Voting and Americans for Approval Voting. |Ph.D. student researching voting theory at Washington University in St. Louis. |Campaign assistant for Michael Badnarik, 2004 Libertarian nominee for President of the U.S.A. |2002 Libertarian Party nominee for Texas House of Representatives, District 50. | |"While I generally prefer Approval Voting as a single-winner election reform for several reasons, I see Range Voting as an excellent alternative that may be a more acceptable system to some voters. Range Voting is vastly superior to the prevailing plurality system and is a better reform than IRV and other ranked-ballot systems; it is fully worthy of my endorsement (although I'd prefer to elect the candidate with the largest total score rather than that with the largest average score). I enthusiastically support the efforts of the Center of Range Voting and look forward to working closely with them in the future."

Ong, Elwin <> (12345) Los Angeles CA USA;

Bowles, Alexander Q. G. <> (123456) Brooklyn NY 11216;

Zuckerman, Evan A. (123456) USA;

Mendoza, Gabriel <> (123456) Pasadena CA USA;
When my fame number increases to 8-9, I will let you know. :)

Ceriotti, Michele <> (123456) Lugano Switzerland;
Ph.D. student at ETH Zrich

Krody, Nancy M. <> (123456) Stony Brook NY USA;

Springer, Matthew <> (123456) College Station TX USA;
Physics Ph.D. student in femtosecond laser research, writer of Built on Facts.

White, Nathan E. <> (123456) Germantown MD USA;
Iraqi Veteran. Father. American.

Walker, Peter V. <> (123456) San Diego CA USA;

Flatow, Daniel <> (123456) Silver Spring MD USA;
Master's in mathematics, with job applying those skills | |I thought up this whole range voting system independently, while in ignorance that it had already been known! | |I have additional ideas: Abolish political parties and have all candidates face the voters once, simultaneously. That means no electoral votes or legislative districts. Center the range in the middle (for example, scores from -50 to +50, so that no vote at all defaults to the intermediate score. That takes care of the quorum problem.

Bryck, Lenore <> (123456) USA;

Wanless, Wolfgang W <> (123456) denver CO USA;
just turned 18.

Schellhammer, Oliver <> (123456) Prien Germany;
Adjunct Professor at the FH Ingolstadt

Schellhammer, Oliver <> (123456) Prien Germany;
Adjunct Professor at the FH Ingolstadt

Heller, Mason (123456) Bothell WA USA;

Rafkind, Barry <> (123456) Somerville MA USA;
Founding member and webmaster behind for Somerville, MA.

Hunt, Micheal D. (1256) Falkner MS USA;

Mazur, Kostyantyn <> (123456) Tinton Falls NJ USA;
PhD candidate in mathematics at New York University | |It is about time for the duopoly to end.

Lowell, Christopher A. <lowellca**at**gmail**dot**com> (123456) Melville NY USA;
Bachelor's in Pure Mathematics, President of Whoa Guy Gaming charity

York, Stephen <> (123456) Cambridge MA United States;

Getschman, Tedman <> (123456) Carson City NV USA;
US Navy Commander with great interest in making America function. I think range voting is the key to a functioning government, a united society and a consistent domestic and foreign policy. I think an adoption of range voting (or even AV or STAR) would result in nothing less then a second and golden age of Democracy.

Kok, Jan (12345) Fort Collins CO USA;
Voting reform activist since 2000. |

Smith, Warren D. (12345) Stony Brook NY USA;
Mathematician & Founder of CRV |

Timofeev, Lester M <> (12345) Stetson ME USA;
Greetings! I do agree with the Range Voting Method personally.I am an Officer on the Maine Green Independent Party's Steering ( state Executive ) Committee. I am a Member as well as the Scribe. I am also the Municipal Chairperson for the MGIP in Stetson, Maine, as well as an Alternate Delegate to the National Committee Convention. I have some more reading to do, but I do certainly agree with what I have read so far, third parties are never thought of...Well rarely if they are. In Maine the Green Party is widely recognized with over 24,155 registered Greeens. I will approach Pat LaMarche as well as Morgen D'Arc they are both our USGP Reps. And see how they and the entire committee feels about the Range Voting. However, I do personally encourage continued Activism and Lobbying on the Range Voting.... | | Peace, | |Lester M. Timofeev

Pratt, Jason W <> (12345) Austin TX USA;

Ross, Ginny (12345) Portland OR USA;
Founded Democracy for Oregon (DFO). Also recommend election defense alliance. I am happy to support range voting. First we must have actual voting and vote counting so we can purge the administration of the criminal cabal (R's & D's alike). Then we can start to go about resurrecting our democracy. "Just like global warming and climate crisis, the debate about whether electronic voting machines are secure or not is long over. There is overwhelming consensus among computer scientists and security experts that electronic voting machines are fundamentally and unacceptably vulnerable. And like the climate crisis, the only discussion remaining is what we do about it." --Megan Matson, Election Reform Activist. | |

Masquilier, Augustin (12345) Taichung Taiwan;

I equally support Condorcet, Approval voting and Range Voting, but my personal favorite is called Emocracy which is Range Voting, with a range going from -1 (I disapprove of this candidate), to 0 (I don't know this candidate, or I am indifferent), to +1 (I approve of this candidate). |

|Some people might be interested in : change to create a better tomorrow. |Web application / php developers might particularly be interested in the article "A class of voting method php API for use throughout the web".


Ucko, Aaron M. <> (12345) Washington DC USA;
I have a decently wide range of experience with "alternative" voting systems (mainly IRV/STV and Condorcet-SSD), and feel that pretty much anything would be an improvement over crude plurality. Although I'm not convinced that Condorcet's inevitable mathematical flaws are all that likely to be a problem in practice, I concede that range voting has the considerable advantage of being far simpler to understand, so I shall willingly endorse it. I also support your remaining proposals, and moreover call for voter-verifiable paper trails in all elections (per

Foster, William K. <> (12345) Saratoga CA USA;
Software Engineer, M.I.T. alumni.

Pannbacker, Nathan R <> (123456) Decatur IL USA;
I am an econ-major in college - at 17. I have met with a number of candidates for different political parties and have worked on diverse campaigns. My hobby is pretty exclusively studying economics and political science, with occasional forays into other fields. I have developed something of a fledgling political network and intend to advance it consistently. My goal is to go into politics as a career - preferably however, as a policy analyst and/or lobbyist rather than as a politician myself. I am a Libertarian in orientation (though I will work with anyone who can advance my ideological goals).

Ong, Daniel <dan at> (125) Boulder CO USA;
Libertarian candidate for University of Colorado Regent At Large (statewide), 2006 (I was actually asked to withdraw from the race by my Republican opponent so I wouldn't act as a "spoiler" candidate) and 2004 (record statewide non-major party, non-presidential vote total over 79,000). Election/supply judge in Boulder County for two decades prior to that, assigned to student precincts (on/near CU-Boulder) more than any other person. Colorado delegate to Libertarian Party National Convention, Portland, Oregon, July 2006. Former upper division physics laboratory coordinator, CU-Denver.

Altman, Harry <> (123456) NJ USA;
I appeared in the documentary "Spellbound"... not really impressive for voting-system purposes, but still impressive for other purposes, I suppose. | |I've looked at a lot of voting systems and range voting appears to be the best I've seen by far. It handles cleanly problems that cause snags for others - but then, for a much better explication of that, you should just read the website.

Redding, John R <> (123456) Grand Prairie TX USA;

Beal, Matthew A. <> (123456) Santa Monica CA USA;
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I hope we win.

Brumley, Jonathan S. <> (123456) Austin TX USA;

Brykein, Morgan <> (123456) USA;
I am what one might call an activist. I support range voting and the splitline algorithm.

Brykein, Morgan <> (123456) USA;
I am what one might call an activist. I support range voting and the splitline algorithm.

Zbornik, Peter <> (123456) Prague Czech Republic;
Candidate in the 2010 parliamentary elections for the Czech Green party. |I endorse Range voting for intra-party decision-making as well as for public decision-making.

Metcalfe, Ballard Lee <> (123456) Princeton NJ USA;

Burgess, Stephen <> (123456) Poughkeepsie NY USA;
Graduate of Yorktown High School in Arlington, VA |Artist and writer |History buff |Survivor of chronic depression |Deans List student pursuing associates degree in visual art at SUNY Dutchess Community College |Sales and Marketing associate at an apple orchard/farm bakery

Humphreys, Troy <> (123456) Encinitas CA USA;
I'm a senior video game AI programmer, there aren't many that do what I do. Maybe that's not so impressive;)

Shapiro, Debbie H. <> (123456) Woodinville WA USA;
I'm a Data Warehouse Manager and also wrapping up a Masters in Public Policy.

Scearcy, Jacob <> (123456) St Paul MN USA;

Wynn, John <> (123456) New York NY USA;
I've solved how Range Voting and almost every other third party issue can be part of one political platform.

Paris, Dominic R. <> (12345) San Francisco CA USA;
MA Philosophy, Thesis "Fair Minority Political Representation: Justice as Fairness in a Liberal Multicultural Society."

Best Jr, Andrew <> (123456) Fayetteville AR USA;

Reid,Jack (123456) Austin TX USA;

Tracy, Jeffrey <> (123456) Durham NC USA;
Occasional political activist |Former party district chair

Albritton III, Charles C. <> (123456) Pascagoula Mississippi USA;

Luedtke, Scott V. (123456) Champaign IL USA;

Eckert, D. Charles <> (123456) Herndon VA USA;
IT Manger in Federal Government with over 15 years experience. I work in the Foreign Service so I have participated in election monitoring activities around the world and have knowledge/experience to compare our own election system to.

Sheehan, Edward J. <> (123456) Needham MA USA;
Opinion writer for the Milton Measure. Radical Centrist.

Croto, Regina <> (123456) Ephrata PA United States;
Started Libertarian Connect because I was tired of hearing the 2 party system playing childish games instead of speaking on real issues. It seems that the government does not take their jobs seriously. We the taxpayers fund them to do the good for us as a whole but in turn they mock the very people paying their lavish life styles by degrading one another publicly and placing blame on either other. I am so disgusted by the elected officials collecting congressional welfare while spending more then half of the collected funds for war and rebuilding other countries. This fake power is an illusion to the citizens of America and if something is not done soon we will be at war with many countries before the year is over. | |My main background has been in the Mortgage, Real Estate, Tax and Accounting Industries since 1990's this experience allowed me to see how many people actually run their finances and the how to fill the need of others. It has never be about money for me but instead about the genuine nature of fulfilling the needs of humanity. One person at a time. | |My experience is mainly in the charity sector helping to assist the very people our government should be helping to get them on their feet. Ministering to people in the 90 day program BARC of Coral Springs, Fl, Filling the needs as Secretary of the Board with GAP Outreach, Assisting people as Secretary of the Board with Rich Grace Food Bank of Coral Springs, Fl and helping people with special dietary needs get Organic foods as President of Sow a Better Tomorrow of Ephrata, Pa

MacKinnon, Jeffrey S. (12345) Gray ME USA;

Cooper, Daniel <> (12345) St. Ismier (Grenoble) France;
I am an engineer with broad scientific and mathematical training. I am very concerned about freedom and democracy, and have looked carefully at various voting reform systems as a non-partisan way to improve this. I have lived in Europe for 9 years and have seen how system of elections affects the process and the results. | |I have concluded that Range Voting would be the optimal reform. This method would reduce the incentive for negative campaigning. It favors a psychological shift from comparing candidates to evaluating each candidate on his or her merit. | |My preference is Approval Voting (range = 0..1). It is the optimal strategy for Range Voting. If even a few people use that strategy, it is best that everyone do so to preserve an equal voice for all. The purpose of an election is to elect a candidate. Detailed preferences, I believe, are better expressed in polls.

Bielawski, Peter L. <> (12345) Fort Collins CO USA;
Electrical engineer. I've actually run range voting in simulated elections and found it to be most effective in translating political intent into political results.

Andrews, Peter C (12345) Norwich VT USA;

Shentrup, Clay <> (12345) Seattle WA USA;

MacGuire, Cord <> (12345) Boulder CO USA;
Anything we can do to open up the election process will be a step toward greater freedom for American voters.

Candey, Robert M. (12345) Greenbelt MD USA;

Barnes, William <> (12345) Arlington TX USA;

smith, mitzy (12345) stony brook ny USA;

Stewart, Charles Bruce, <> (12) Sandy Oregon USA;
I am a very advanced scholar on "Constitutional-Law"; "Common-Law", & "Direct-Democracy" (among other things). | |The details of those claims could fill this page; |but i think it better to just allow for opportunities to show my skills in more personal discussions with individual people in this group. | |I hope to develop working-relationships with all people of good will. | |Sincerely; | |Charles ...

Gruber, Steven J. <> (12345) Glenshaw PA USA;
I choose to not play the fame number game. But it requires me to put in a number. So I asked the computer to pick a random number, and the first digit was an 8. So I'll put in 8.

Reed, Beverly G. <> (123456) USA;

Joyal, Sarah E. (123456) WI USA;
This is quite possibly the most revolutionary thing I've ever heard of, and also one of the most eminently sensible. As someone entirely disillusioned by our current 2-party system, and a 100% supporter of the Libertarian party, anything to help break the domination is wonderful. | |(Please visit the link if you want to know more about me/my views, etc.)

Singh, Pal. <> (123456) Queens NY USA;
Law Student in NYC |Worked in New York State Senate |Former Organizer for a major third party in New York State

Stuckey, Wayne <> (123456) Wichita KS USA;

Rigney, Donald S. <> (123456) Bohemia NY USA;
I support range voting because it could move us away from the current system in which effectively only two parties are represented in congress, and because it would help eliminate the problem of third party candidates being spoilers for the mainstream cadidates.

Graepel, Mark <> (123456) Portland OR USA;

Hurst, Jason <> (123456) Raleigh NC USA;

Nerode, Nathanael <neroden at fastmail dot fm> (123456) Ithaca NYNo USA;
No impressive qualifications, just a citizen.

Mitchell, Joseph S. B. <> (123456) Stony Brook NY USA;
Joseph S. B. Mitchell received a BS (1981, Physics and Applied |Mathematics), and an MS (1981, Mathematics) from Carnegie-Mellon |University, and Ph.D. (1986, Operations Research) from Stanford |University. Mitchell was with Hughes Research Labs (1981-86) and then |on the faculty of Cornell University (1986-1991). He now serves as |Professor of Applied Mathematics and Statistics and Research Professor |of Computer Science at the University at Stony Brook. Mitchell has |received various research awards (NSF Presidential Young Investigator, |Fulbright Scholar, President's Award for Excellence in Scholarship and |Creative Activities) and numerous teaching awards. His primary |research area is computational geometry, applied to problems in |computer graphics, visualization, air traffic management, |manufacturing, and geographic information systems. Mitchell has |served for several years on the Computational Geometry Steering |Committee, often as Chair. He is on the editorial board of the |journals Discrete and Computational Geometry, Computational Geometry: |Theory and Applications, and the Journal of Graph Algorithms and |Applications, and is an Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal |of Computational Geometry and Applications. He has served on numerous |program committees and was co-chair of the PC for the 21st ACM |Symposium on Computational Geometry (2005). |

Kenneth Guarino <> (123456) Springfield VA United States;
I vote in every election - this voting model is superior to our current system - especially in the primaries.

Manning, Clayton R <> (123456) Laguna Beach CA USA;

Rew, Russell K. <> (12346) Boulder CO USA;
PhD in Computer Science, University of Colorado; Manager of UCAR Unidata Data Services; voter in caucuses, primaries, and elections | |

Gilson, Bruce R. <> (1) Rockville Md. USA;
I just put a posting on my blog about it. Read all about it at .

David Stephenson <> (123456) Dunn NC USA;

Flynn, Nico <> (123456) NEW YORK ny USA;
I have just read William Poundstone's Gaming the Vote ISBN: 9780809048939 (hardcover : alk. paper) |0809048930 (hardcover : alk. paper) |

Davis, Joseph <> (123456) Forest Grove OR USA;

Lampman, Vicky <> (123456) Red Wing MN USA;
Knowledgeable about the crooks..

Atwood, Frank F <> (123456) Littleton CO USA;
I have no impressive qualification, however.... I have read _Gaming the Vote_ by William Poundstone, and his discussion of the Venetian Republic's election of their doge for 500 years speaks very well of their (limited range) approval voting system. Also, this web site's discussion of bees and ants over millions of years convinces me to cast my unequivocal support for Range Voting. Yes, as a Libertarian I pray that we may elect more candidates, but far more important is that a better voting system be implemented. The two major parties started out with more than a dozen candidates each and who are their champions? John and Barak? The nation deserves a better voting method.

Piergallini, Mario (12345) Pinehurst NC USA;

Gier, Paul <> (123456) Austin TX USA;

Freeman, Devin Ray <> (123456) Wausau WI USA;

Shellman, Joel <> (123456) Camas WA USA;

Rollier, Andrea <> (123456) Latham NY USA;

Naugle,Qushaun <> (123456) Chicago IL USA;
A very good student and a very good leader. |Never lose when leading.

Hayashi, Kazuko <> (123456) kyoto JAPAN;

meier russell k <> (123456) iselin nj USA;

Kunz, Juliana (123456) Cambridge MA USA;

Hinshaw, Lisa Marie (123456) Springfield OH USA;
I am someone who does not vote, but I would vote if Range Voting were the method, that I know. It just makes complete sense.

Mitchell, Lorne <> (123456) London UK;
As a beekeeper, I was particularly interested in discovering that a swarm of bees is far better at voting than most human "democratic" voting systems. | |There must be a way of creating a simple and secure voting platform on the internet that mimics the ways of the bees and create better and fairer voting.....and if we added dancing (like the bees do) then it would be a lot more fun too!

Heisler, John D., III <> (123456) Galloway OH USA;
I'm a (hopefully up-and-coming) actor who's always had an interest in political science, so if you see my name up in lights someday--well, then we'll have to talk about revising the fame number.

Ahmed, Maged <> (123456) toronto on canada;

Nathan, Long <> (123456) Redmond OR USA;
I'm 18 and I care about our voting system, so should everyone who can vote.

Hively, Matthew D. <> (123456) Burlingame CA USA;
Although I honestly cannot see any of these initiatives getting past the deeply entrenched bureaucratic system that we have in place for this country, these are all very fair proposals and much needed. They remove much of the political tampering factor thus allowing more freedom in our government elections. Sanity must be restored to our political system.

Ellis, Michael <> (123456) Weaverville NC USA;
Developer of PeerTool ( ), a group-decision system that features positive/negative approval rating of multiple options on multiple criteria. PeerTool is not a voting system, per se, as it is designed for use by small groups of mutually-trusting members, e.g. boards and task forces, and supports iterative re-evaluation and introduction of new options and criteria by any member of the group in real time. | |I support range voting as the best practical election method based on my research and experiences developing PeerTool.

Burgess, Stephen <> (123456) Poughkeepsie NY USA;
Graduate of Yorktown High School in Arlington, VA |Artist and writer |History buff |Survivor of chronic depression |Deans List student pursuing associates degree in visual art at SUNY Dutchess Community College |Sales and Marketing associate at an apple orchard/farm bakery

Borecky, Kent <> (123456) Joliet IL USA;

Parga, Bruno B. A. <brunoparga at gmail dot com> (123456) Braslia DF Brazil;
Diplomat - Third Secretary at the Brazilian Foreign Ministry.

Paielli, Russell <> (123456) San Jose CA USA;
Aeronautical R&D engineer

Andreas, Jonathan (123456) Bluffton OH USA;
Economics professor at Bluffton University. |Currently researching utilitarianist tendencies and anti-utilitarianism within the economics profession. The anti-utilitarianist influence in economics which became dominant in the 1930s is a major reason why range voting is ignored in the academic literature. It is a completely different paradigm from what Arrow, Sen, Buchannan, or other academics have considered since the current literature on voting theory and social choice really began and rediscovered Dodgson, Condorcet, etc..

Flanagan, Liam (123456) Leeds England;

Rosenthal, Jonathan <> (123456) Ewing NJ USA;

Zhaochen He <> (123456) Brookline MA USA;
None I just think it's a good idea.

Cotter,Eric <> (123456) Verona WI USA;

McDonald, James A. <> (13) Erie PA USA;
Political Science, B.A. 2009 |History, M.A. 2011 |Full-Time Behavior Counselor

Turnbull, Roy C. <> (123456) Shelby Twp MI USA;

Romano, Jonathan M <> (123456) OKC OK USA;
Vault hunter

matt, kyle <> (123456) Park city UT USA;

Wolf, Aaron C. <> (123456) Ann Arbor MI USA;
I am currently founding an organization for funding Free Open Source Software and Free Culture media. We will use range voting for board elections and other decision processes where applicable!

McCullough, Joshua S. <> (123456) Leesburg Virginia USA;
Free-thinking software engineer.

Reynolds, Caitlin A (123456) Tuscaloosa Al USA;

Robidoux, Timothy J <> (123456) Chepachet Rhode Island USA;

Albrecht, Margaret (4) USA;

Williams, David <> (1246) Lincoln va USA;
Prof of English, George Mason University | Author of American Studies books, Harvard BA 72, Harvard Divinity MTS 1976, Brown PH.D. 82, Fulbright scholar 1992 |Latest ook: "Searching for God in the Sixties"

Baillie, Kieren B. <> (123456) Brisbane QLD Australia;

Goold, Alexander C <> (123456) Jersey City New Jersey USA;
None, I am incredibly average. I just think the ideas presented here, on this website, have the potential to lead to fairness and equality.

Gibbs, Joshua L. <> (123456) Weirsdale FL USA;
I have an IQ high enough that when I was in elementary school I would have placed in the "gifted" class, except that my social skills were too low. I am good friends with most of my local church's staff (including our popular, politically active, and locally reputable pastor) and could probably get them to endorse your ballot initiative because it is a nonpartisan reform. My perspective is deferred to by my friends and most of my family when they are not sure what the scripturally correct belief or action is. I know many people dissatisfied with our nation's government and many people who are getting tired of the culture wars. I live in an area with many senior citizens, who are statistically much more likely to vote, though slightly less likely to major support changes to the current system even when to their advantage. I am unmarried and have only a part time job, so that I am capable of slightly more activism through the internet, mail, or phone than the average person even though I have insomnia and can not go door to door due to not yet attaining a driver's license. I am very passionate when it comes to issues of freedom and equality. I know many people who believe the constitution should be restored to it's proper role in government. I am some friendly relationships with differing factions and so could spread these ideas beyond my own clique. I love you, and I do so as a representative of Jesus Christ. I look forward to serving you.

Kretschmer, Bonnie L. <> (123456) Oxford OH USA;

Hunt, David Rogers <> (123456) Louisville Kentucky USA;

Patrick, Henry <> (123456) New York NY USA;
Meh, not really.

Johnson, John <> (123456) Yorba Linda CA USA;
Comparative Politics and Political Theory student

Waugh, William <h7665tfmt7 ayut snkmail daht kahm> (123456) Fairfax Va. USA;

Pleasants, Shane (1346) Raleigh NC USA;

caron, albert <> (123456) washington DC USA;
professor emeritus in psychology Boston University

Scheer, Torey J. (123456) Rochester NY USA;
Programmer, R.I.T. graduate. I follow a handful of political activist groups, of whom I support and and endorse when I believe in their cause.

Sares, Steven M. <> (123456) Englewood CO USA;

Gibbs, Joshua <> (123456) Weirsdale FL USA;

Wonder, Malachi J. <> (13456) Bellingham WA United States;
Grade 3 level BCPA competition bagpiper. |Blackbelt in Goju Karate. |(At time of writing) 14 year old with college credit.

Abby Schwartz <> (123456) Lansing MI USA;
none, but I think a lot.

Parker Friedland <> (123456) Kirkland WA USA;

Morris, Lindsay H <> (123456) Asheville NC United States;

Kerin, Britton <> (123456) Fairbanks Alaska United States;
none, just a programmer

Rodgers, James <> (123456) Keller texas USA;

Krody, Nancy M. <> (123456) Stony Brook NY USA;

Morley, Liam <> (123456) Goderich ON Canada;

Sola, Alejandro J <> (123456) Stony Brook NY USA;
MS in System Dynamics, WPI |Certificate in Decision Analysis, Stanford University

Crisp, Amy <> (123456) London United Kingdom;
BSc Statistics degree from UCL

Weston, Mark <> (123456) Sarasota FL USA;
Mark Weston is the author of six books, including "The Runner-Up Presidency - The Elections that Defied America's Popular Will" (Lyons Press, 2016) and a children's book, "Finding the Speed of Light" |(Tilbury House, 2019). He has also written books about Pakistan, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

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