Volunteer and/or Join CRV

We need help. You have some useful skill, or know some useful person, or have some useful information, or just want to help us in some way, with voting reform.

This page gives you a way to tell us who you are, how to contact you, and what you want to do, and what your skills, information, help, etc etc might be - i.e. what we need to know to use your talents effectively.

Before joining you might want to know what CRV membership means and does not mean.

What we will do with this information: We will stick it in a database and not release it to anybody. When the time comes when we need your skills, we will contact you. Which might be immediately. Or maybe it should be immediately but we are too stupid, slow, or busy to realize that! If so, then please also join the RV bulletin board and start posting your e-messages there. We are a community and that bulletin board is our internal communications medium (which can also be read externally, and its archives stay around forever in text-searchable form so you do not need to repeat yourself). You can join that community by joining the bulletin board (click "join" or "new user? sign up" there); then you will probably be able to find somebody to cooperate with, or who will appreciate you.

What we can optionally also do with this information: By default, we are assuming you want to keep this info private. But maybe you instead want it (or just some but not all of it) to be publicly posted in an online-readable "member directory" file, for the whole world to see. Fine. If that is your goal, then you need to check the "publicize" boxes next to those data slots, like this: . Just be careful which boxes you check! Notes: (1) Your email address (if you hit "publicize") will be posted in an intentionally distorted syntax hopefully unreadable by spambots. But please enter it in an undistorted directly-useable syntax for us!! (2) If you make your name private, then everything else also will be kept private, so be sure to unprivatize your name by checking the first box, if you want to be world-posted.

What if your address changes? Simply "re"join by filling out the form again (we keep track of the date of join, so we will know which is later) and note in the comments section this is to denote a change.

Your Name (Family-name first): (<-- check boxes to unprivatize)
E-Mail address:
Phone number:
Street Address:
Town: State: Country: Zip/Postal code:

Your skills, special info, party membership, job, background, what you want to do, why you are joining, what changes you wish we'd do, what you like most about us, etc - whatever you feel we need to know about you:

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