Caption for two maps from Palast's book

We scanned in two pictures concerning vote-manipulation from Palast's book

Greg Palast: Armed madhouse, Dutton 2007
(Palast in turn got the two maps from professors Elison and Salling.)

(You also can see the scans here as pdf or jpg.)

The first picture shows a map of New Mexico voting precincts around Albuquerque with Republican majority precincts in white. Also 19 little pictures of ghosts are drawn in every precinct that in 2004 featured more votes than voters ("ghost voters").

The second picture shows voting precincts in the area around Cleveland Ohio, with a greyscale plot so you can see which precincts had which percentage of votes uncounted ("spoiled ballots"). Beside it you see another greyscale plot showing percentage of blacks in the populations in those precincts. (The greyscale did not come out as nice as it could have my in the scan, unfortunately.)

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