Range Voting "history's first thoroughly accurate and fair [example]
way of measuring an electorate's wishes"

aka the SCORE SYSTEM or 0-99 VOTING, to select winner of an N-candidate election:

  1. each vote consists of one numerical score from 0 to 99 awarded to each candidate (for example 57,0,34,99 could be one vote in a 4-candidate election; advi\ se 99/0 for best/worst);
  2. voters may fill entries with "X" if they desire not to express an opinion about that candidate (e.g. 57,0,X,99);
  3. The candidate with the highest average numeric score wins.
  4. (Only candidates sufficiently known that at least M/4 of their scores are numeric [with all-X ballots disregarded] are allowed to win; where M is the maximum number of numeric scores got by anyone in the race.)

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