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Some voting systems ignore much of what you say

#voters their vote simplified
50 A>B>C>D>E A>B
51 B>A>C>D>E B
100 C>D>B>E>A C>D
53 D>E>C>B>A D
49 E>D>C>B>A E>D

  • In this election, D is the IRV winner, even though C is preferred over each other candidate by approximately a 2:1 margin:
    over A by 202 to 101; over B by 202 to 101; over D by 201 to 102; and over E by 201 to 102.
  • Almost every other voting system ever invented, would elect C.
  • That is because most of the preferences that cause those huge 2:1 victories are ignored by IRV. IRV only examines the "simplified" votes and ignores the rest.
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