Books of interest re "Computing and the laws of physics"

I am teaching a course titled "Computing and the laws of physics" at Princeton University (Applied Math) in the fall semester of 1998-9 school year.

Reading will mainly be in the forms of papers and lecture notes I'll supply as hardcopies and/or electronically linked to the course web page.

However, here is a list of some books possibly useful for background knowledge, general education, etc.

Don't be intimidated by this list; for example we probably are not going to touch general relativity at all, but I've nevertheless listed some books in that area just for kicks; similarly knowledge of error correcting codes at the full level of intensity in Macwilliams and Sloane's book is completely unnecessary, etc. etc. Really this booklist does not constitute an accurate picture of the course - it is more a picture of a lifetime research program which would be a superset of the course! Books particularly central to the course have a (*) and should be on reserve in the Fine Hall library.