Opinions of Warren D. Smith

Mini-studies and essays in which our hero often finds himself puncturing the "conventional wisdom," usually supporting himself with lots of facts, figures, and math at every turn (although no math beyond the ability to multiply, is needed). One might say "gleefully" puncturing the conventional wisdom, except that in many cases the stupidity being attacked is so serious, and the area being considered is so important to us all, that it is difficult to generate much glee about the present massively screwed-up state of affairs. In some other cases I present some apparently new ideas about some important issues, such as my "easy win-win" proposals for eliminating inflation and reforming the screwed-up voting system.

  1. How voting should be done
  2. Wages, Gold standard, and preventing Inflation
  3. The tragedy of the common - there are some things pure capitalism cannot do
  4. Economics and Growth
  5. Using up Energy Resources, the End of Civilization, and Breeder Reactors
  6. High level languages and machine primitives - the pathetic disconnect
  7. (Not written yet) What High Level Languages ought to be doing
  8. Science Boondoggle #1 - why fusion energy won't work
  9. Science Boondoggle #2 - star wars is stupid
  10. Science Boondoggle #3 - sending people to Mars is stupid
  11. Science Boondoggle #4 - quantum and other crypto
  12. Dangerous economist-myths about world population explosion and resource crunches
  13. Can solar supply world energy needs?
  14. Communicating with space aliens - SETI - should you care?
  15. Science's journal and conference system - a joke that got old
  16. (Not written yet) The insanity of the Patent, Copyright, & Software worlds
  17. Analysis of "Technology Reviews's 5 best patents in 2000" - why moronic
  18. (Not written yet) "Nanotechnology"
  19. Israel: the premier hypocrite nation
  20. Lucky breaks determine human history?
  21. Electronic Voting - good or bad idea?
  22. WTC bombing - who did it and what should the response be?
  23. What happens when you scale up 1 maniac
  24. Wars & counter-terror killings = worse than terrorism, data table
  25. US-sponsored and US terrorism thru history
  26. Bush's executive order to create secret tribunals
  27. A statement by Richard Stallman about civil liberties
  28. Arsenic in drinking water - were Bush & Whitman right?"
  29. A simple calculation about world population"a
  30. Legalize drugs? What is right decision?
  31. Afghanistan war: facts and conclusions (also: should we require strong cockpit doors on airliners)?
  32. Banning smoking in bars - what is right decision?