Journal publications (& book chapters) of Warren D. Smith

Note: electronic versions may not always correspond exactly to printed versions. Chronological order, so if you're interested in most recent work, start at the end.

  1. A.E.Brouwer, N.J.A.Sloane, J.B.Shearer, W.D.Smith: A New Table of Constant Weight Codes, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, IT-36 (1990) 1334-1380. Math Reviews: 91h:94028. Abstract; also papers citing this one
  2. David A.Field & W.D.Smith: Graded tetrahedral finite element meshes, Int'l J. Numerical Methods Eng. 31 (1991) 413-425.
  3. W.D. Smith: How to find Steiner minimal trees in d-space, Algorithmica 7 (1992) 137-177. Math Reviews: 93a:68064. Get accompanying C code
  4. Craig D. Hodgson, Igor Rivin, Warren D. Smith: A characterization of convex hyperbolic polyhedra and of convex polyhedra inscribed in the sphere, Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. (N.S.) 27,2 (1992) 246-251. Math Reviews: 93a:52009. Get the TeX file
  5. W. D. Smith & K.K. Thornber: The Uniqueness of the Minimum and Maximum Functions for AND and OR in Fuzzy Logic, The Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics, 1,3 (1993) 601-609. Math Reviews: 94e:03025. (5 pages)
  6. Kevin J. Lang & Warren D. Smith: A Test Suite for Chess Programs, Int'l Computer Chess Assoc. Journal (September 1993) 152-161. Unfortunately this article was severely truncated by the editors at the last minute -- they removed all the details about optical character recognition. The full paper, and the electronic data (chess problems) accompanying it, are available as a compressed tar file (10 pages); ChessTest2.tar.Z
  7. W.D. Smith & J.M.Smith: On the Steiner ratio in 3-space, J. Combinatorial Theory A 69,2 (1995) 301-332. Math Reviews: 95k:05053. abstract; Get the ps file (15 pages)
  8. A.M.Odlyzko & W.D.Smith: Nonabelian sets with distinct k-sums, Discrete Math. 146 (1995) 169-177. abstract; Get the ps file (11 pages); Get the LATEX file
  9. M.B.Dillencourt & W.D.Smith: A Linear-Time Algorithm for Testing the Inscribability of Trivalent Polyhedra, Int'l J. Computational Geometry and Applications 5, 1-2 (1995) 21-36. Get the ps file (16 pages)
  10. Ding-Zhu Du & Warren D. Smith: Disproofs of Generalized Gilbert-Pollak Conjecture on the Steiner Ratio in Three or More Dimensions, Journal of Combinatorial Theory A 74 (1996) 115-130. short description; (8 pages)
  11. W.D.Smith: DNA computers in vivo and vitro, DIMACS Series in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (American Mathematical Society) 27 (1996) 121-185. Remarks: Allan Schweitzer was the second author on the original conference version of this paper, although I felt he really deserved full credit (i.e. his name should have been first, since it is alphabetically). However, Schweitzer did not want that. Also, later, Schweitzer wanted his name removed entirely, a decision which again I disagreed with. However, there you have it. The paper was then published (despite my strenuous protests to the editors in an attempt to avert this) without the key figures 1 and 2, which are essential for understanding the first half of the paper. Finally, it was later pointed out to me that some of the entries in the table at the end on Modified DeBruijn Sequences, are erroneous due to software bugs! abstract; Here is the full paper ps file; and here are the famous missing figure 1, and figure 2. And here are 2 other figures which go in the 2nd half: figure 3; figure 4.
  12. M.B. Dillencourt & W. D. Smith: Graph-theoretical conditions for inscribability and Delaunay realizability, Discrete Mathematics, 161, 1-3 (December 1996) 63-77. abstract; Get the ps file (15 pages)
  13. E.B.Baum & W.D.Smith: A Bayesian Approach to Game Playing, Artificial Intelligence 97 (1997) 195-242.
  14. E.B.Baum & W.D.Smith: Propagating Distributions Up Directed Acyclic Graphs, Neural Computation 11,1 (1999) 215-228.
  15. M. B. Dillencourt & W. D. Smith: A Simple Method for Completing Degenerate Delaunay Tessellations, Accepted to Computational Geometry: Theory & Applications. Math Reviews: 94h:68213. abstract; Get the ps file (12 pages)
  16. W. D. Smith: A lower bound for the simplexity of the N-cube via hyperbolic volumes , European J. Combinatorics, accepted, 1998. (11 pages)
  17. W. D. Smith: Criticism of Onsager's reciprocal relations , Physical Review E [Statistical & General], accepted, 1999. (14 pages)
  18. W. D. Smith: Classical reversible computation with zero Lyapunov exponent, , Physical Review A, accepted, 1999. (9 pages)
  19. Paul Lemke, Steven S. Skiena and Warren D. Smith: Reconstructing Sets From Interpoint Distances, accepted to Pollak festschrift to be published by Springer. link to DIMACS page for downloading this
  20. Warren D. Smith: Three counterexamples refuting Kieu's plan for ``quantum adiabatic hypercomputation''; and some uncomputable quantum mechanical tasks, accepted to J.Applied Mathematics & computation, special issue on Turing, in press & to be published in 2006. ps (7 pages) (pdf)
  21. Warren D. Smith: Church's Thesis Meets the N-body Problem, accepted to J.Applied Mathematics & computation, special issue on Turing, in press & to be published in 2006. ps (pdf)