Conference publications of Warren D. Smith

Note: electronic versions may not always correspond exactly to printed versions. See also the tech reports and journal publications lists. Chronological order, so if interested in my most recent work, start at the end.

  1. Paul Lemke, Steven S. Skiena, Warren D. Smith: Reconstructing sets from interpoint distances, Proc. ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry 6 (Berkeley, CA, June 1990) 332-339.
  2. M. B. Dillencourt & W.D. Smith: A linear-time algorithm for testing the inscribability of trivalent polyhedra, Proc. ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry 8 (Berlin, Germany, June 1992) 177-185.
  3. E.Baum: How a Bayesian Approaches Games Like Chess, AAAI Fall Symposium Series, Games: Planning and Learning (Raleigh, North Carolina, 22-24 October 1993) 48-50, was based on our joint work, although this short paper was written by Baum alone.
  4. M.B. Dillencourt & W. D. Smith: A Simple Method for Resolving Degeneracies in Delaunay Triangulations, Int'l Colloq. Automata, Languages, and Programming 20 (Lund, Sweden, July 1993) 177-188.
  5. Serge Plotkin, Satish B. Rao, and Warren D. Smith: Shallow excluded minors and improved graph decompositions, Proc. Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms 5 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 23-25 January 1994) 462-470. Math Reviews: 95f:05106.
  6. M.B. Dillencourt & W.D. Smith: Graph-Theoretical Conditions for Inscribability and Delaunay Realizability, Proceedings of the 6th Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry. (Saskatoon, SK, Canada, University of Saskatchewan, August 1994) 287-292.
  7. Satish B. Rao and Warren D. Smith: Improved approximation schemes for geometrical graphs via `spanners' and `banyans' ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing 30 (Dallas Texas, 1998) 540-550. abstract, STOC abbreviated paper, full paper
  8. Warren D. Smith and Nicholas C. Wormald: Geometric separator theorems and applications, IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computing 39 (Palo Alto, California, Nov. 1998) 232-243. abstract, SFOCS abbreviated paper, As TWO papers(we had originally submitted these 2, which were already quite compressed, but SFOCS required further compression down to 1). Summarized as 1 poster(for an NECI poster exhibit).
  9. T. Batu, L. Fortnow, R. Rubinfeld, W.D.Smith, P. White: Testing That Distributions Are Close, Proceeedings ACM/IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science 41 (2000) 259-269.
  10. Warren D. Smith: New cryptographic voting scheme with best-known theoretical properties, Frotiers in Electronic Elections FEE 2005, Milan Italy, Sept 2005.