Here are the slides I used in my talk about "Church's thesis meets quantum mechanics".

Thanks to Peter Blicher and Kurt Bollacker for helping with scanning and image processing.

There are 2 (not disjoint) sets of slides, the color ones and the BW ones. (Some slides have been scanned in in both BW and in color.) They are all gif files (run length encoding compression). You will have to read thru both lists rather like in "merge sort"; The next slide should be the next slide in one of the 2 lists (or both).

If your net connection is like mine, you'll get the bits incredibly slowly. Sorry about that.

If you have these slides and are watching the videotape of me talking, then you'll have a pretty good chance of understanding things.

color1; color2; color3; color4; color5; color6; color7; color8; color9; color10; color11; color13; color14; color15; color16; color17; color18; color19;

BW1; BW2; BW3; BW4; BW5; BW6; BW7; BW8; BW9; BW10; BW11; BW12; BW13; BW14; BW15; BW16; BW17; BW18; BW19; BW20; BW21; BW22;