Warren D. Smith's technical reports at Bell Labs 1988-1990

Here is a list of most (or all?) of the technical reports I wrote while employed at Bell Labs Murray Hill NJ in a 2 year period 1988-1990. (This was before the breakup of AT&T; Bell Labs as it was then no longer exists.) I will later attempt to provide electronic versions and/or more information generally (such as abstracts, page counts, dates).

  1. Subexponential time algorithm for traveling salesman tour in the Euclidean plane.
  2. Matrices and simplices
  3. Classification of low dimensional rotation groups (with J.H.Conway, N.J.A.Sloane)
  4. The Orange peel curve I.
  5. The Orange peel curve II.
  6. Table of constant weight codes (with A.Brouwer, J.B.Shearer, N.J.A.Sloane)
  7. How to find Steiner minimal trees in Euclidean d-space
  8. Implementing Plaisted-Hong 2D min length triangulation heuristic
  9. The turnpike problem and X-ray crystallography (with P.Lemke, S.Skiena, M.Werman)
  10. Charge analogy ideas in numerical integration
  11. Linear time algorithm for 3D polytope congruence
  12. New algorithm for 3D point location