Petitions to White House (1 Oct. 2011)

We created some new petitions on "We the People" at you can sign online. Will you? If these petitions get 5,000 signatures by 31 October 2011 (which means you need to recruit more signers!!! Don't just sign, recruit!), then the White House will review it and respond so we can have a fine "screw you" letter to hang on our walls. You can view and sign the petitions here:    Abolish gerrymandering via Shortest Splitline Algorithm
Abolish gerrymandering by removing stupid legal barriers to Proportional Representation    Improve Vote-Counting System
Implement Range Voting    Support Advanced "Vote-for-many" Voting Methods

Later Note. The White House, after a very small number of petitions exceeded their 5000-signature threshold, discovered they were not terribly to their liking. (E.g. "legalize marijuana.") They therefore raised the threshhold to 25000 signatures got in 30 days – a 500% increase. This constitutes a barrier essentially impossible for a true grassroots petition to surmount (especially one that starts out invisible under the white house enforced-invisibility policy). Only huge moneyed organizations can hope to do that. The white house has with this change made it crystal clear they do not give one particle of excrement about the grassroots and care solely about big money. Also, the white house sent me a letter canceling my "abolish gerrymandering" petition on the grounds that it "invaded the personal privacy" of some (unnamed!) individual. I enquired what the hell that could possibly have meant, but the white house did not respond.

So, I am sorry to report that this game appears to be rigged, and I regret having wasted my time on it.

Other perhaps-interesting petitions you can sign (not necessarily created by us) include:

Remove Marijuana from the Schedule 1 list of drugs in the Controlled Substances Act
Put fee on carbon-based fuels and return revenue to households
Permanently switch to Pigovian tax system to avert fiscal crisis & make economy improve country
Reverse the SCOTUS ruling on Citizens United v FEC, with a Constitutional Amendment by supporting H.J.RES.78
Repeal Patriot Act
End Corporate Personhood
Ban Antibiotics in Animal Feed
Restart the Integral Fast Reactor nuclear power (fission breeder) technology program
End 'war on drugs'
Abolish electoral college
Normalize relations (diplomatic, trade, & travel) with Cuba

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