Voting calculator (alpha version) BUGGY!

Powered by IEVS. You select your format for ballots, input the names of the candidates, and input your ballots. IEVS then will compute the election winners in all the voting systems it knows about (over 60 systems).

Fill in the slot with the names of the candidates in order (with white space and/or commas between).

Candidate names can be either a single letter like K or two letters like Qu or MP.

Which ballot format do you want:
  Ratings like 99 54 32 in same order as candidates
  Name=rating equalities like Na=99 Bb=54 Ka=32
  Rank-ordering like Aa>Bb>Qu>Zz
Please enter the ballots in the selected format, 1 per line; use 7 stars as the last line to signify end of input:

About ballot formats: There are three main formats: (i) ratings, (ii) equalities with ratings, and (iii) rank-ordering. Every format is 1 vote per line. We explain them by example:
54: 95 32 11
2: 9 0 3
1 1 5
3: 55,6, 2
would mean 54 identical votes of (95,32,11); 2 identical votes of (9,0,3); one vote (1,1,5), and 3 identical votes (55,6,2). You can use white space and/or commas. Number before a colon (if any) is number of identical votes. These would all be in a 3-candidate election.
54: A=95 B=32 C=11
2: B=0 C=3 A=9
B=1,A=1 C=5
3: A=55,B=6, C=2
Same votes, shown here in different format.
54: A>B>C
2:  A>C>|>B
3: A>|>B>C
Rank-order votes with candidates named A,B,C. The | symbol is an "approval threshold" and if omitted then all candidates are considered approved by that voter. In truncated ballots unmentioned candidates are regarded as ranked last and in random order (or co-equal last for some methods).

IEVS will report input errors and allow you to try again. Don't use more than 30 candidates and 2000 voters.

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