Voting machine types used in the USA 2004 elections

From the Christian Science Monitor and USA Today 3 Nov 2004.

All machines can handle range voting, it is just that some do so more conveniently than others. The types (punch cards) maximally unfriendly to range voting are quite rare and declining in use (18.6% or less); note certain kinds of punch cards can be quite range-friendly (those with punch-locations all over the card) but others (those with punches only on a single line, not all over the card) are unfriendly for range voting. Lever machines are the second most range-unfriendly type (12.8%), although they often are quite nice for range (only have trouble if large election-slates; are fine for small slates). So: over 70% of the USA, including a large number of entire states bodily, already votes on machines that are very range-friendly – while the rest uses machines with intermediate range-friendliness.

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