CRV corrections to Vermont report's section 8 and 9

Misleading quote: "Voters who vote for a most preferred candidate that turns out to have no chance of winning, not only waste their vote, but may actually inadvertently contribute to the election of their least preferred candidate"

Correction: The quote says correctly that this can happen with the present plurality voting system, but misleadingly implies that this can no longer happen with IRV. But as this example shows, it still can.

Misleading quote: "IRV frees all voters to fully and honestly express their honest will, both as to what they really want and what they will settle for, to avoid getting what they loathe."

Correction: The same example shows that this quote is simply flat-out false: IRV Voters who honestly express their will can thereby elect the candidate they hate most, whereas if they had refused to vote at all, a different (and hence better for them) candidate would have been elected.

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