USA 2000 presidential election results

Presidential ticket Party Ballot access Votes As percent
Gore / Lieberman Democratic 50+DC 51,009,810 48.38%
Bush / Cheney Republican 50+DC 50,462,412 47.87%
Nader / LaDuke Green 43+DC 2,883,443 2.74%
Buchanan / Foster Reform 49 449,181 0.43%
Browne / Olivier Libertarian 49+DC 384,532 0.36%
Others others 41 246,607 0.22% (combined)

"Others" includes Phillips / Frazier (Constitution party) and Hagelin / Goldhaber (Natural Law party) Also note that although the Libertarian Party had ballot access in all fifty United States plus DC, rowne's name only appeared on the ballot in forty-nine United States plus DC. The Libertarian Party of Arizona opted to place L. Neil Smith on the ballot in Browne's place, and Smith got about 5775 votes.

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