Ballot spoilage (executive summary)

  1. "Spoiled" ballots (caused by voters doing something invalid) were systematically manipulated, and both handled and encouraged in intentionally biased nonuniform ways, to successfully hand the 2000 US presidential election to Bush and not Gore in Florida 2000.
  2. The problem of ballots "spoiled" by "accident" is really hardly a problem at all (true accidents would tend to cancel out and lead to only a very tiny noise level) – the real problem is intentional manipulation intended to create biases that do not cancel out. Ballot spoilage is one of several important biasing tools used by contemporary US election manipulators on a massive scale (others include massively unequal voter registration and purging policies).
  3. Range voting reduces ballot spoilage.
  4. Uniform nationwide standards for ballot "spoilage" and voter registration should be adopted, instead of allowing individual districts and counties and states to make up their own each election, often on whim or (what is worse) as directed by higher-ups.

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