Why Libertarians need range voting (Executive summary)

  1. Range Voting would have gotten Libertarian 2004 Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik 22 times more votes than he got under plurality and 15 times as many as he would have gotten under Approval Voting (relative to Bush & Kerry).
  2. Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) would be a huge mistake for libertarians since it just leads to 2-party domination just like the plurality system.
  3. Without a change in the voting system to get rid of Duverger's law of 2-party domination, Libertarians and all third-party candidates will forever have no chance. There is not a single third-party member of the House, Senate, or high Executive branch (zero out of about 600 people).
  4. So it is a matter of survival: you must push range voting.

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