November 2005: Rich Republican Douglas R. Forrester just lost the NJ governorship to even-richer Democrat Jon Corzine.

Forrester blamed his loss on the fact he was too-associated in the public mind with President Bush and his failed and unpopular policies, e.g. from the New York Times (14 Nov. 2005, index-page): "The chief reason, Mr Forrester said in The Star Ledger of Newark, is that he belongs to the same party as pres. Bush."

My point is, probably a lot of Republicans right now are wishing they could find a way to abolish any perception of any link between them and Bush. But they don't have a way to do that. Because there are only 2 parties and they (or almost all of them) can't become Democrats.

If it were politically feasible to split off a viable third party with no cost, then they'd be happy. But they can't.

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