Why you need to unify behind range voting, even if you prefer other voting systems (Executive summary)

  1. Without a substantial number of organized and dedicated backers, voting reform will not and cannot happen.
  2. The only source of organized and dedicated backers is third parties because the major parties are not terribly victimized by the flawed voting system.
  3. The only voting system which US third parties can unify behind is range voting.
  4. That is because other voting systems either experimentally lead to far fewer votes for third parties, lead to 2-party domination just like plurality, are too complicated and too little understood, would require vast unreachable constitutional changes, or are otherwise comparatively unadoptable (e.g. range can be run on all USA voting machines without modification; Condorcet and IRV cannot).
  5. (Also range voting is one of the best, if not the best, single-winner voting system objectively, as measured by average quality of the winner – say extensive computer simulation studies.)
  6. So it is a matter of survival: you must push range voting. No other course can lead to voting reform in the USA. This is the unique course that can.

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