"Favorite Betrayal" – Executive Summary

An election is said to exhibit "favorite betrayal" if some set of voters would have gotten a better election result ("better" in their view) by not voting their honest favorite top. A voting method enjoys the "FBC property" if no election (with that voting method) exhibits favote betrayal.

We've come a long way since the days when range and approval voting were the only known methods in which betraying your favorite is strategically avoidable. Now many other methods also are known with that "FBC property." Many of them were invented by Kevin Venzke.

Conjecture: Continuum Range Voting (and its obvious variants) are the only FBC-obeying voting methods immune to candidate-cloning (with voters assumed to have tiny preferences among the clones).

This conjecture has now been largely proven.

Detailed survey of FBC-compliant election methods

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