Contacting the Center for Range Voting

We currently are trying to be decentralized, so you can best contact us by posting a message to our blog in which case some member of our community hopefully will respond to you. However, it is necessary to sign up as a "member" of this email list in order to post to it (this will not result in you getting email, unless you ask for it) and the response might be posted on the blog rather than directly emailed to you (you can read blogposts via the hyperlink even without joining anything). Also recommended is the Election Science Foundation googlegroup. Once you've joined you can post to the yahoogroup by emailing to RangeVoting /AT/ or also without email just using its web page (hit "post" button). You can also send us email without joining anything at rangevote AT, but that address is checked less often by fewer people. You can also contact specific CRV members if they have listed enough contact information under their name in the directory. The two co-founders are entries 1 and 2 of that directory.

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